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Every Event Experience starts from a Design and that is where we promote one of our key strength.

At Stage Technology we believe we can deliver great client experience by using our design services. Our planning phase starts by sketching the venue into 3D with all its major elements this way we have a good idea of the whole event environment and we can assist the client by achieving the best stage placement, decor elements and audience view.

In the past 10 years we have achieved to sketch almost 80% of UAE Venues this way we can start the concept design straight away saving ourselves and the client the need to make a venue inspection.

During the design process we also do provide real life renders of the event overall look and we provide the ambiance lighting visualization to better estimate the impact of lights on the show so we can make better lighting judgement at earlier phases. Our design services extend to assist our clients by creating stunning still and motion graphics for the show screens and branding elements.

Venue 3D Design

Event Layout

Design Renders

Still & Motion





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